We believe the future of diagnostics lies in collaboration

If you get stuck with diagnostic testing or fault finding (even Master Techs do), this is the only tool you will need.

imechanic is the only diagnostic APP designed for professional mechanics. It’s a single site covering all makes and models where you can find and share real fixes to technical problems.

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Why Join imechanic?

Cars are becoming more and more complex year on year. Training and technical data is more difficult to keep up to date. Diagnostic fault finding is time consuming and trouble shooting haemorrhages time. Customers are more demanding than ever therefore we independent mechanics need to ensure we retain customer loyalty.


The concept is simple and effective. Why not collaborate and harness the knowledge from thousands of UK technicians? It’s easy, just post your fault description, attach any photos and click to send to all the UK specialists for that manufacturer – or your own specific group. imechanic is a peer to peer service only available to experienced mechanics, so you know the responses will be of high quality & specific to help fix your fault, and not the trial and error guess work associated with generic online forums.

Cost Effective

We recognise how important it is for everyone to talk the same language and for members to ensure they are helping each other to achieve a guaranteed fix. If you save just 10 minutes per month, your membership will be immediately cost effective. In addition, each month you can win financial rewards for helping other members, and gain industry recognition for your expert knowledge at our annual awards.
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Benefits & Offers

Benefits & Offers

Receive points each and every time you help a fellow mechanic fix a fault, or for adding tips you know work, and also every time you recommend a friend to join imechanic.

Each month as a reward for their contribution, the top ten technicians will receive financial rewards for a store of their choice.


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How It Works

How Does It Work?

As the world becomes more complex, collaboration becomes more important. Car manufactures collaborate, car parts manufacturers collaborate, predators collaborate, the whole world collaborates.

At imechanic we believe technicians can benefit too by sharing their knowledge and know how amongst peers and being rewarded for their contribution.

How do you know it works?

Simple, try it free for 28 days and see for yourself.Why not collaborate with your peers across the UK and harness millions of man hours worth of expertise & experience? With imechanic its easy, just follow the steps below and you will be on your way to finding a solution to your problem…

How To Use The App

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