Dealers are losing 4 hours per week from workshops

Recent research carried out by Trend Tracker using actual job cards, has shown that the overall productivity efficiency of franchised dealer workshops is down. The study shows two growing areas of lost time: unpaid diagnosis and waiting for work.

If Franchise dealers with workshop managers, job tracking software and extra service staff are losing 4 hours per week from inefficient workshops, how much is an independent garage losing?

In pure economic terms conservatively franchise dealers could be losing (4x £80×52) £16640 per annum. Independent garages assuming same levels of workshop efficiency could be losing (4x£40×52) £8320 per annum.

Recognising that achieving 100% chargeable hours is unrealistic, saving just 1 hour per week on better diagnostics is worth over £2000.

How can you achieve this easily and with minimum disruption?

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